Jodie Ellenor is a functional health coach and founder of Healing Journey - Wellness Services. She creates individualized programs for women and men who struggle with: gut issues, anxiety and hormone imbalances

She guides them to transform their lives from the inside out. Jodie is on a mission to help people uncover the root cause of their symptoms through in-depth functional lab testing. With experience as functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, a trained therapist, and a certified yoga instructor who holds a science degree, she truly offers a mind- body approach to healing. After spending 10+ years searching for answers to her own chronic gut issues following a trip to Africa, Jodie has become an expert in the many different approaches to healing the gut as well as hormones and anxiety.

Through testing, she has helped clients uncover long awaited answers including the discovery of worms, amoebas, gluten reactivity, copper toxicity, estrogen dominance and mercury toxicity; giving her the expertise to help you improve your health for good. When she isn’t talking about poop and copper toxicity, you will find Jodie outdoors. She has a love affair with nature, likes to try her hand at surfing and is an avid photographer.

*Covered by some insurance plans.

Janelle Resmer, DTATI (thesis pending)

      Janelle is an Art Therapist and Recreational Therapist. She attended Wilfred Laurier University where she obtained a General Bachelor of Arts degree, following this she got a diploma in Recreational Therapy from Mohawk College. While working as a Recreation Therapist, she attended the Toronto Art Therapy Institue to obtain a masters level diploma in Art Therapy. Currently, she is eligible to work thesis pending.

     Utilizing her education Janelle provides services to help individuals reach their physical, social, cognitive, spiritual and emotional goals to improve quality of life using a combination of psychotherapeutic interventions, person-centered care, and best-practice methods.